Aurore Bagarry – Roches
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Aurore Bagarry – Roches

by Centre d'Art Gwinzegal


Going, on the French side, from Calais to Brest and passing by Varengeville, the Pointe du Hoc, Cape Levi in the Cotentin and a number of towns in Finistère and Côtes-d’Armor, Aurore Bagarry photographed a landscape “at point-blank range”, to use an expression that can justify the notion of photographic shooting, but that says well the sensation of brutal presence felt when looking at these images. In England, on the other side of the Channel, in the same way, the artist has symmetrically travelled westwards along the coast from Eastbourne to Lizard Point in Cornwall, and then, having reached the end of the peninsula, back to Maer Cliff near Bude, in the north-west of Dartmoor National Park, opposite Wales.

What we see here is of an indeterminate nature and is as much a topographic survey as a landscape photograph. There is very little sky, if any, in these images, which are almost impossible to locate unless one has located on a map the place where they were taken. Whether one is in France or on the other side of the Channel, nothing allows one to really understand it.

The coast seems to be a gigantic palette on which the sea has tried its colors: the mauves marry with the yellows and the greens of chlorophyll and mud mixed, the leprous ochres sprout of dwarf bushes, the greys notched of bluish depressions seem to incline under the push of the winds, the dark sandstones veined of pink cut out on the gray sky, the cliffs raise the crenellated profile of their white walls stripped by the salt, their turrets topped with short grass, sometimes stained with dark lichen, or streaked with vertical bands drawn by the runoff.

These Blocks of frozen time ( extracts ) – Gilles A. Tiberghien

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Publisher: Gwinzegal
Format: 21 × 26 cm
Pages: 100

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Dimensions 21 × 26 cm

Centre d'Art Gwinzegal

Les activités du Centre d’art Gwinzegal se déclinent autour de la photographie et de ses multiples facettes. Implanté à Guingamp et ancré dans un territoire à dominante rurale, il rayonne au niveau national et international. La création artistique, la rencontre et la pédagogie sont au cœur de son activité, qui se déploie entre résidences d’artistes, expositions, édition et actions vers les publics. Depuis plus de 10 ans, son pôle pédagogique mène un travail en profondeur qui a touché plusieurs milliers de jeunes, par des ateliers menés dans des écoles, collèges et lycées de la région. Devant un monde complexe où l’image est omniprésente, dans une société en profonde mutation, le Centre d’art propose un espace propice à l’expression et à la réflexion.