AFP, une épopée photo

AFP, une épopée photo
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AFP, une épopée photo


A sensitive diary of history through AFP photos

After a relentless search through the 6 million film photos produced by Agence France-Presse over the course of its history (starting with the creation of the Havas agency in 1835, which became AFP in 1944), Marielle Eudes, director of AFP’s special photo projects, and Christophe Calais, the project’s editorial director, have come up with a historical and photographic fresco that is largely unpublished. The images they have brought to light – thanks to the complicity of the institution’s Documentation Department and the expertise of its photo lab – travel back in time like “time capsules”, to quote Michel Poivert, a photography historian who wrote the preface to the book. Questioning the French touch of the agency’s reporters, he questions the heritage of humanist photography that the authors sublimate by combining it with the culture of current events. The approximately 300 photos gathered make up an “immediate collective memory that resonates with each of us,” Marielle Eudes analyzes.

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Publishing Director: Benoît Baume
Editorial Committee: Benoît Baume, Lisa Cadot, Corentin Delavie, Bastien Forato & Éric Karsenty
Editorial coordination: Éric Karsenty
Editorial & graphic design: Lisa Cadot & Bastien Forato, assisted by Théo Miller
Proofreading: Alexandre Mouawad
Production: Dorothée Xainte
Photogravure: Caroline Lano, Terre Neuve
Distribution manager: Corentin Delavie edition@fisheyemagazine.fr

© AFP, 2022, for the photographs and the whole book
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Typeface: Youth, designed by Jan Novák, AllCaps, CZ
Printed in September 2022 by EBS, Verona, Italy.
Legal Deposit: September 2022
ISBN: 979-10-97326-13-5
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