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Bénédicte Kurzen started her photographic career in 2003 when she went to Israel to cover the hot news in the Gaza Strip, Iraq and Lebanon. For the past ten years, she has covered conflicts and socio-economic changes in Africa. She joined NOOR in 2012 and moved to Lagos the following year. From there she continues to cover Africa, with a special focus on Nigeria, which has long been a passion of hers.

In her photographs, Sanne De Wilde (Belgium, 1987) explores the role genetics plays in people’s lives and how it shapes and affects communities. The depiction of a person with a disease makes them vulnerable in the eyes of society. Since 2013, Sanne De Wilde has been working with the Dutch newspaper and magazine De Volkskrant, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In 2017 she became an active member of the NOOR agency.