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Order online the latest issue of Fisheye Magazine, the magazine that decrypts the world through photography and its authors.

Bimonthly magazine of 132 pages, available in newsstands and bookstores, Fisheye explores the world through all the photographic writings by privileging the views of emerging authors, without forgetting the established photographers.

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    Fisheye Magazine #53
    Fisheye Magazine #53

    Fisheye Magazine #53


    The new issue of Fisheye is full of adventure, stories and images. You will discover strange parties celebrating the vampires of the New York night; a terrible kidnapping in Guatemala; intriguing still lifes; the "Queens of Catania", in Sicily - a dive between two genres -; or the dreamy Indian nights in search of a mysterious snake... 60 pages of portfolios that will not leave you indifferent. Not forgetting the latest news on images, from the new edition of the Palais Augmented, which showcases contemporary creation in augmented reality, to the new production by Charlotte Abramow, who has taken up beekeeping. You will also be able to discover the two new exhibitions of the Fisheye Gallery: Vierges et toreros, the baroque compositions of Christine Spengler, in Arles; and a tribute to Notre-Dame combining unpublished photographs from the last century and photos by the author. You will meet Luce Lebart, a brilliant historian and exhibition curator, and discover a new photo gallery in Ménilmontant run by a 25-year-old enthusiast. You can also make a diversion to Bulgaria to see a new generation, or follow in the footsteps of Jean-Christophe Béchet who surveys the history of street photography in a book that has just been published. Finally, you can continue your discoveries with our new web format, Focus, at the crossroads of podcast and video, combining photos and photographers' words in a format of a few exciting minutes! Find this issue of Fisheye at your local retailer

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