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  • Stéphane Charpentier - The Eclipse
    Stéphane Charpentier - The Eclipse

    Stéphane Charpentier – The Eclipse

    The Eclipse offers a panorama of photographs by Stéphane Charpentier in silver black and white, captured over the course of a decade in Greece, a country reflecting a world plunged into economic, political and human crises. But more than a documentary or an intimate essay, The Eclipse reveals different levels of reading and meaning. The book combines poetic images of a suffering humanity, with an iconography that is both symbolic and dreamlike, almost metaphysical. Interludes composed of mosaics of rephotographed prints evoke this density and this contemporary chaos, while the last sequence of images opens onto natural, virgin and dazzling spaces, from which all the light finally springs. The texts in English and French are transcriptions of recorded dialogues and form a background sound on this present torn between struggle and hope.
  • Michaël Duperrin - Odysseus, l’Autre monde
    Michaël Duperrin - Odysseus, l’Autre monde

    Michaël Duperrin – Odysseus, l’Autre monde

    The Odyssey is the story of a man who wants to return home and discover the world of others at the same time. Ulysses holds both ends of his desire, at the cost of ten years of wandering. It is himself that he discovers at the end of the road. If the ancient epic still speaks to us, it is because it deals with current issues: identity, otherness, hospitality. Since 2012, Michaël Duperrin has been visiting the supposed places of Ulysses' wanderings. He travels through multiple strata, between here and elsewhere, now and then, real and fiction, weaving echoes between mythical past and present reality. This experience is modelled on the temporality of Odysseus' return, ten years. Odysseus, the Other World retraces the first part of it, and immerses us in the world of gods, monsters, the underworld and mermaids. The photographs in Odysseus, the Other World are printed in cyanotype, one of the first photo printing processes, which owes its name to its color. While we see the Mediterranean and its intense blue sky, the word "blue" does not exist in the language of Homer. The adjective that later designates a dark blue refers in the Odyssey to the world of the Night and the Underworld, that is to say, the Other World. The international standard of printing in CMYK would not have allowed to reproduce these images well. The photo-engraver Eric Guglielmi has therefore invented for the work a process, the BMJN, in which cyan is replaced by a blue. This flow, in the middle of which a storm is unleashed, intertwines the images and the words of Michaël Duperrin. His text is woven from three threads: the story of Ulysses, what is happening today in the places of the Odyssey, and the experience of the journey, which transforms the one who takes it.
  • Hélène David - Noces ou les confins sauvages
    Hélène David - Noces ou les confins sauvages

    Hélène David – Noces ou les confins sauvages

    Noces ou les confins sauvages is a photographic narrative, an invitation to the deployment of bodies, to the sensory experience, to the listening of the invisible. Since the dawn of time, the wild coastline is the place where the sea, the animals and the men dialogue. This space of porosities and encounters with the Mediterranean nature has inspired bestiaries and mythology. Noces ou les confins sauvages, a contemporary and fabulous tale, tells the story of a common future, enchanted and vulnerable. "And, so that no part of the world was frustrated of its share of living beings, the stars occupy the celestial plain, in the company of the gods with bodies; the fish with shining scales established their residence in the waves, the earth appropriated the still wild beasts, the mobile air, the birds ". The purpose of Noces or the Wilderness brings together a community of people beyond the world of photography. With a first launch in December 2017 planned at Au Bal - a place dedicated to the document image, the book will be presented at the Librairie Maritime in Marseille and at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature on January 20, 2018 as part of the Festival écouter la nature.
  • Ella Vuillaumé - Hypothetical death of exarchian alpha
    Ella Vuillaumé - Hypothetical death of exarchian alpha

    Ella Vuillaumé – Hypothetical death of exarchian alpha

    Hypothetical Death Of Exarchian Alpha offers the reader the opportunity to read the sociological, historical, and political upheavals of a country, Greece, through the epigraphy on the walls of a neighborhood that has the added distinction of being one of the historical foci of the anarchist movement in Athens. This book is composed of four parts: - the diary of the author who immerses himself in the environment of his study, - the collection of photographs of Alpha letters found on the walls of the neighborhood - the different Alpha letters isolated from their context to keep only their form and their typographic interest in relation to their hypothetical death (disappearance) - a sequence of mini-disappearance scenarios e.g. Alpha disappears under a #stayhome poster, Alpha is covered by a graffiti, Alpha is covered by a poster offering courses to refugees, Alpha is ripped off by a priest, etc. The study revolves around the idea of the disappearance of the letter Alpha from the neighborhood of Exarchia and gives awareness that every thing or fact observed can be transformed by the observer. This research, transcended by the multifaceted aspect of daily life and the destinies that intersect on the walls of the neighborhood, is embodied in a graphic and anthropological detective story. The investigation Hypothetical Death Of Exarchian Alpha, while focusing on a neighborhood on a micro scale, reflects broader realities on a macro scale: the turmoil and metamorphoses that cross a country and which are not without echoing the current situation in Europe.