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Loco, né au printemps 2008 de l’association d’Éric Cez et d’Anne Zweibaum, met tout en oeuvre pour réaliser des livres exigeants dans le domaine de la photographie et de l’art mais aussi dans le champ des sciences sociales.

Chaque ouvrage est conçu et fabriqué avec une attention toute particulière : un livre est unique et doit traduire, dans son fond, dans sa forme, la particularité d’un propos, d’une oeuvre, d’une aventure humaine. L’image — et la photographie en particulier — occupe une place prépondérante dans notre production. Avec plus de 100 titres à notre catalogue, nous développons plusieurs axes, de la monographie de photographe à l’ouvrage plus généraliste.

  • Françoise Chadaillac - La reine de la patate ou les cantines du détour
    Françoise Chadaillac - La reine de la patate ou les cantines du détour

    Françoise Chadaillac – La reine de la patate ou les cantines du détour

    Françoise Chadaillac leaves for Quebec in 1979 to prepare a thesis, with photos, on urban spaces. While there, she was intrigued by the small wooden shacks and other recycled vehicles that, set up on the side of the road, offered hamburgers, hot dogs and fries. They are true institutions and are called "French fry stands". "Photographing these "stands" made me discover a social phenomenon, very specific to Quebec, truly anchored in the life of Quebecers. And as someone said to me during my meetings: "There is not a Quebecer who does not have a potato stand in his heart! "To each his own stand and his best potato, his best poutine, his best hot-dog or his best pogo! But above all, I met a small piece of humanity, simple, lucid, full of humor, who, speaking to us about herself, spoke to us about the whole of humanity. The words I gleaned during my shooting modified my project and appeared to me as indispensable as the images. For those who do not yet know Quebec, allow yourself this little "detour", a journey through its vast expanses. For the others, allow yourself a stroll back in time thanks to these images and words that would not have disowned the cohort of poets: the Gaston Miron, the Félix Leclerc, the Gilles Vigneault, the Robert Charlebois, the Michel Tremblay and many others who have so well known how to make their country exist and be loved by their French cousins. With this book of photos and texts, lunches at the "food truck" around the corner will inevitably have a taste and a smell of the "Belle Province".
  • Lionel Jusseret - Kinderszenen
    Lionel Jusseret - Kinderszenen

    Lionel Jusseret – Kinderszenen

    Kinderszenen gives a glimpse of the intimacy of autistic children, their way of apprehending space and the world. It paints a portrait of so-called "autistic" children in the interlude of their vacations in the countryside. Far from the violence of the walls, this work is a dreamlike and mysterious journey, sometimes naive, which lets you discover the enigma of these "kids". In 2012, Lionel Jusseret started photographing autistic children after two years spent as an educator at the association J'interviendrais, which offers profoundly autistic children the opportunity to live in a group vacation in different country houses. It took Lionel Jusseret seven years to collect these portraits, because the physical and psychological exhaustion generated by such an accompaniment did not allow him to work for more than two consecutive weeks. "The meetings with the children, non-verbal for the most part, were of an unspeakable power. I felt like I was on a real journey into foreign territory. I liked to say that I was going to Autistan, in reference to Josef Schovanec Or at least, on the edge of Autistan. In this work, he gives a look at autism. No, autism. He explains. "According to one of my colleagues, you can't talk about autism. I mean, as a subject. Simply because we don't know much about it and it's still very broad. The word autism means everything and nothing at the same time. It is therefore difficult to talk about it. At best, we can tell stories about autistic people. The nuance is very important." This book has received the support of the Fondation l'Estacade, the Vocatio Foundation as well as the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.
  • Franck Gérard - En l'état
    Franck Gérard - En l'état

    Franck Gérard – En l’état

    " 1+1 = 3. It's written on the window of a women's underwear store presenting, hanging on clotheslines, pretty little panties. For the price of two, you get three. And in front of the window, an elderly couple observes this offer which, at first sight, was not addressed to them but which nevertheless fascinates them. It's a photo of Franck Gérard. It's all him. A situation that could have been staged but which is very real, well framed, clear, without any headaches, just delightful." Jean Blaise En l'état is an evolving work, a work in progress, begun on July 13, 1999 after Franck Gérard almost died. Since that date, the artist's photographic practice has radically changed: the image has become a vital, incessant act, and the thousands of photographs accumulated have come to constitute a state of seeing the world, also posing a state of the world. The notion of abundance, of too many images, asserts a presence in the world based on perception. Through an observation as methodical as hazardous of the real, linked to the wandering of the artist in the public space, Franck Gerard captures situations, without apriori nor preliminary: offering just "what he sees". More of an observer than an interventionist, the photographer's eye draws up, territory after territory, city after city, a veritable lexicon with a universal vocation where the slightest incongruous gesture, the slightest banal or extraordinary situation, the slightest incident, are listed as so many states constituting our daily life, and through it, the very movement of the world as it goes, as it is. 21 authors were invited by the artist to react to this photographic set: Dominique A, Philippe Bazin, Jean-Christophe Béchet, Jean Blaise, Ronan Bouroullec, Blandine Chavanne, Gilles Clément, Julie Corteville, Olivier Delavallade, Françoise de Maulde, Raymond Depardon, François Hébel, Jean-Yves Jouannais, Jacques Leenhardt, Laurent Le Bon, David Moinard, Jean-Luc Moulène, Michel Poivert, Mélanie Rio, Guy Tortosa, Felice Varini.

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