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Les Constellations

Les Constellations, maison d'édition fondée par Sandrine Elberg en 2019, est dédiée à la création de livres pointus et originaux.
Les livres sont pensés comme des livres objets rares et surprenants.
Une des particularités de la maison : chaque artiste intervient manuellement, un geste artistique qui finalise son édition pour en faire un livre unique et de collection.

  • Sandrine Elberg - JÖKULL, la mémoire des glaciers
    Sandrine Elberg - JÖKULL, la mémoire des glaciers

    Sandrine Elberg – JÖKULL, la mémoire des glaciers

    On August 18, 2019 in Iceland, a memorial plaque was unveiled in honor of Okjökull (officially decommissioned in 2014), the first disappearing glacier on the subarctic island. The monument A letter to the future was erected on the site of the former glacier marking the first fateful observation due to climate change in the world. On this plaque in gold lettering can be seen the words 415 ppm CO2, referring to the record level of carbon dioxide concentration recorded in the atmosphere in May 2019. According to researchers and scientists, Iceland loses about eleven billion tons of ice every year. Those too fear the disappearance of 400 glaciers on the island within two hundred years if greenhouse gas emissions continue at the current rate. The photographic corpus JÖKULL is a tribute to the sublime, to the glaciers of Iceland with their faults, scars, whirlpools, mills and crevasses. The different views of the glaciers are erected under the moon and the starry skies of the island for an invitation to contemplation and reverie. This work contributes in a poetic way to the memory of the glaciers.
  • Sandrine Elberg - Cosmic
    Sandrine Elberg - Cosmic

    Sandrine Elberg – Cosmic

    From a literal point of view, it is true that one might be tempted to equate these photographs with a long tradition of scientific observation - images thought to be created with a microscope stand alongside those that could have been made with a telescope. Some of the patterns are like particles saturated with life or energy; some have an organic consistency, while others are like outpourings of matter, electric arcs or molten bodies rising from nothing. Other circular figures could be associated with the portholes of any exploration machine. But what really polarizes Sandrine Elberg's work around scientific principles is not so much the visual evocations, a global physiognomy, as the way she considers the production of these photographs. Indeed, if the attraction for the cosmic environments never fades, it is the whole operating mode which is apprehended in a logic comparable to that of the experimental sciences, especially when it is a question of validating hypotheses oscillating between clairvoyance and surprise, or of hesitating between conscious invention and fortuitous discovery. Julien Verhaeghe
  • Sandrine Elberg - M.O.O.N - Mysterious Orbital Object Non-identifield
    Sandrine Elberg - M.O.O.N - Mysterious Orbital Object Non-identifield

    Sandrine Elberg – M.O.O.N – Mysterious Orbital Object Non-identifield

    Sandrine Elberg presents her second self-published book dedicated to her photographic work composed of stellar images that she has been making for several years during her travels and experiments in her darkroom. After her first photographic travel book Cosmic, Sandrine Elberg unveils M.O.O.N and invites us to the space travel and to the discovery of a new Moon. Sandrine Elberg's books are unique and unclassifiable objects: a journey into the cosmos, appealing to our collective imagination, to contemplation as well as to reverie. Through M.O.O.N, the artist wanted to pay tribute to Valentina Terechkova, the first woman cosmonaut sent into space. The book also marks the fiftieth anniversary of the first step of man on the Moon on July 21, 1969.