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Eyd est une maison d’édition indépendante fondée en 2018 par Caroline de greef publiant des livres de photographies avec une exigence artistique et éditoriale. Son intérêt particulier est de travailler avec des artistes dont le travail n’a jamais été édité et de voir cette collaboration perdurer dans le temps.

Comme un terrain de jeu, de rencontres et d’expériences mais aussi le bureau des éditions Eyd c’est un concept-store, une galerie et une brocante éphémères.

La boutique propose des livres, des photographies, des accessoires de maison, de mode.

L'idée est tout simplement de proposer des articles plus rares à des prix raisonnables. La clientèle du quartier a été la première rencontre puis Eyd a développé aussi le site en ligne permettant à tout le monde de commander la sélection originale développée tout au long des saisons.

  • Ilanti Illouz - Wadi, dans la clarté des pierres
    Ilanti Illouz - Wadi, dans la clarté des pierres

    Ilanit Illouz – Wadi, dans la clarté des pierres

    Ilanit Illouz fragments the narrative of family, social or fictional stories. Her elliptical images have something ghostly about them that suggest to go further, to enter deeper into a new materiality. She brings her gaze to the ground like an archaeologist to isolate the defects, to collect fossils, barks or pebbles on this ground cracked by history. The trace visible or not becomes the narrative thread and the basis of the work, of the artist who weaves the link between the past and the present. In 2016, thanks to a grant from the Artists' Foundation, she explored the Judean desert and the banks of the Dead Sea on the border of Palestine, Jordan and Israel. Territories shaped by an immemorial history and located in a zone of political and economic conflicts. This great salt lake has lost a third of its surface area in fifty years and is now threatened with extinction. The drought has had the effect of multiplying the craters that pierce the land on all sides, which is riddled with salt pockets. These "Dolines" have inspired Ilanit the eponymous title of a long term work (2016-2020) documented in this book by and with the artist WADI, in the clarity of the stones. Starting with color shots, the artist develops a body of unpublished salt prints that crystallize and cover the landscapes they compose. "The crystallization of salt after the wet, in Illouz, echoes this dust. Where the Dead Sea withdraws, the fossilized humidity keeps a trace of its passage, a poetic as well as political concretion that transmits what cracks, deforms and resists." E.Notéris
  • Thomas Klotz - Northscape
    Thomas Klotz - Northscape

    Thomas Klotz – Northscape

    The LOCI collection proposes to participate in the universal memory of a place by telling in the most open way the history, the horizon, the geography of a place through the artistic and literary narrative.Northscape is the second’s LOCI publication. Thomas Klotz develops urban landscapes from the north of France where wobbly geometry and chromatic saturation give testaments to his personal commitment. As rigorous as this series of photographs is – in laying out before us a series of façades, one after another, which intersect with a few fleeting glances at some remains of nature or more rarely yet with the glimpse of an interior, to produce a cold mood that could almost be called despair – the conceptual framework never appears to have defined a priori the visual perspective of the image. - Sonia Voss Text in French and English

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