Fisheye Magazine has focused on two of the four visual trends of 2019, spotted by Adobe Stock: “disruptive expression” and “a return to nature”.

Now more than ever, the image has become a pretext to question our society and rethink our lifestyle. Fisheye Magazine has always been sensitive to societal, political, economic and environmental issues, and has reviewed, through its daily curation, a current state of our ever changing world. Mastering the art of framing and composition is no longer enough to stand out, you now have to be innovative in your photographic writing and your data processing. Thus, a return to nature seems unavoidable, in the photographic universe. Some artists’ works call to reject overconsumption, and, on a larger scale, the capitalist model. Others point out the fragility and poetry of the world, and advocate a “return to our roots”. Their production not only defend a change of vision, but also a more reasonable lifestyle. They question the relation between mankind and their environment, and reconsider the mysteries of nature. So many inspiring problematics.

Photography becomes an act of resistance, in both style and content. To have their voices heard, photographers present “challenging” images, acting as guarantees of freedom. They invent new techniques and break off old codes of representation. While some photographers blur the artistic boundaries, other play with materials and perspectives. The rest commit to the coverage of news: political gatherings and demonstrations. An awareness echoing the data revealed by Adobe Stock, following a study on cultural places, the business world and interactions on social media. A return to nature and disruptive expression appear, alongside notions of “creative democracy” and “brands position” as visual trends of 2019. Those four subjects illustrate the state of our world through contemporary photographic practices, and reflect the viewers’ expectations.

© Alexandra Laffitte

© Bérengère Fromont

© Boby

Cover picture © Boby