For 15 days, follow the daily life and travels of Benoît Baume, the founder of Fisheye in China discovering the photography of the Middle Kingdom. Experience through this second episode a corporate exhibition.

After a long taxi drive, arriving at the bottom of one of the many skyscrapers of Xiamen, it already feels like a disaster. Why would an exhibition take place in a corporate, sterilized building? However, the framework of Jimei Arles Festival is formal, it takes us to the 7th floor at DevolutioN, trendy architecture offices. A few signs predict the worst, while the firms neck collars match the colours of Windows. The lift doors open to old fashioned carpet and outdated furniture. But our tour swiftly changes appearance when meeting the commissioner, Wang Qi, architect and young boss of DevolutioN. This floor of the office was specially rented for the festival and the furniture left was used to create the exhibition.Visuality is the Scene of Negligence questions the everyday and our relation to images with a rare group of authors and plasticiens working on the influence of Internet, social medias and the trivialization of our lives. We find the photographers Chen Yi (CN), Cheng Ran (CN), Huang Zhenwei (CN), Jiang Hanming (CN), Dina Kelberman (US), Kim Laughton (UK), Liang Ban (CN), Lin Ke (CN), Penelope Umbrico (US), Wu Xihuang, Dai Lei (CN), Candida Höfer (GER), Tao Hui (CN) et Wang Haiqing (CN). A leading exhibition that leaves us far from feeling insensitive and that deserves a future.

The logo specifically created for the exhibition © Fisheye

Real abandoned offices, re-used for the exhibition in a context to change our views towards art works. A number of abandoned computers by the previous owner have been used for the exhibition © Fisheye

A work from Dina Kelberman I’m Google presented in the form of a Tumblr, where an image is generated using the tool of similar searches on Google. She started this work in 2011 and it is still in process. © Fisheye

Wang Qi takes us around the exhibition. Here, we discover the work of Penelope Umbrico set up in the old office of the manager of the company. The desk holds a tea service kept for esteemed clients. © Fisheye

Cheng Ran, Always I Trust, 2014, 25-channel HD video (colour, sound), 16:9, 6’26”, courtesy of the artist