Barbara Arcuschin and Laura Borrachero, our readers picks #311, are both inspired by daily life. The first captures the authenticity of people in the street and the second celebrates family relations.

Barbara Arcuschin

Born in Buenos Aires in 1985, Barbara Arcuschin is a self-taught visual artist who “captures the diversity of people in their ordinary everyday life”. Inspired by documentary photography, she creates urban portraits during her travels. “People living their lives attract my attention when they are authentic. My pictures create a striking and aesthetic pause. I sensualize what I capture – a fresh incident, an excess, or just the simplicity found on a street corner. I trigger the desire to be there, inside the frame, in that enchanted world,” she says. Taken with film, her images reveal the unusualness of our world. Whether staged or spontaneous, her portraits illustrate – always with humour – the nuances of the human being.

© Barbara Arcuschin

Laura Borrachero

“I have always wanted to do a project around my parents, because without them I would not have been able to become the person and photographer I am today”, says Laura Borrachero. The 22-year-old photographer, from Bordeaux, left her Parisian apartment during the confinement to temporarily move back into her childhood home. “Two months, just for us, together. I used this precious time to continue being creative,” she says. 55 days together reads like a family love letter. A tribute to her parents and their marriage, which continues to last, more than 30 years after their wedding day. Using a palette of light tones and everyday accessories, the photographer builds a light-hearted universe in which everyday worries fade away. In this airy world, only affection lasts. An invitation to fully enjoy ordinary pleasures.

© Laura Borrachero

Cover picture: © Barbara Arcuschin