Florian Charpail captures the photogenic United States, while Cédric Emeran sublimes the district La Défense. Here are the readers picks of the week.

Florian Charpail

Born in Chalon-sur-Saône, Nicephore Niepce’s hometown, Florian Charpail has chosen photography to express himself. “What interests me is the uniqueness of the people I meet and the surroundings in which they evolve in. I look for diversity between the unusual and greatness“, he says. Solitude is a beautiful introduction to his work since he has been producing images of the United States for years now. His cinematographic images call for travelling. “I have been lucky to visit a lot of states. Over there, everything seems to come straight out of a movie. Everything becomes real. The Golden Gate bridge, the signs, the fast-food chains, the service stations, the straight roads until the horizon going through the Nevada desert, all the lit up signs in Las Vegas and Reno.”

© Florian Charpail

Cédric Emeran

Cédric Emeran, 39, started photography in 2009, after a birthday gift. “A digital reflex that turned my life upside down“, he confides. Ever since then, the author divides his life between finance and commissioned photography. Fascinated by the lines and perspectives of the architectural world, Cédric Emeran has captured La Défense, the neighborhood he lives in since 2008. “Although La Défense seems imposing, dense and hostile to urban life, by regularly walking down the street we start noticing the opposite, the photographer clarifies. Stairs, passageways, underground passages form a labyrinth at the foot of the towers. Those traffic zones offer a clearing, a breakthrough in between the buildings whose facades juxtapose. The living seems to incorporate wonderfully this urban environment.” A minimal and poetic vision of the capital’s business district.

© Cédric Emeran

Cover Image: © Florian Charpail