Iro questions the concept of beauty by photographing the youth, while Fanny De Gouville shares her cinematographic portraits. Here are the readers picks of the week.

Fanny De Gouville

“I have been doing photography since I was eight years old. I have been fully dedicated since last September, Fanny De Gouville tells us. My travels constitute my main photographic subjects. I always try to stay hidden from my subject. This is why I am often isolated while shooting. Later on, I wanted to get closer to the subjects in order to take portraits. Now, I try to mix portraits and photos taken in the moment” , the photographer explains. Her sources of inspiration? Movies, especially dramas. “The directors and chief cameramen inspire me more than photographers: Wong Kar-wai for his image, Eric Rohmer for his characters and texts, Xavier Dolan for his staging or even François Truffaut”, she adds. Spontaneous or staged portraits, Fanny de Gouville captures the beauty of daily life.

© Fanny De Gouville


Iro is a Byelorussian photographer based in Moscow who uses film camera. “Photography is a part of myself, it always saves me from difficult parts of my life and inspires better ones”, he confides. Although he likes to document the “good life”, he remains persuaded that beauty is always imperfect. For these reasons among others, the models in his images are sincere and photographed in their natural surroundings. One of his favorite themes? Youth. “This stage of life in which we are shaping ourselves and transforming ourselves is very important “, he explains. His Tumblr invites young people to accept themselves and stay true to who they are.

© Iro

Cover image © Fanny De Gouville