François-Xavier Marciat and Manon Martha are two traveling photographers. One travels across Europe and sublimes daily life, while the other illustrates poems. Here are the readers picks of the week.

François-Xavier Marciat

François-Xavier Marciat has been passionate about art since his childhood. Today, photography is the artistic activity he practices the most. “I practice photography almost everyday. I need to relax and observe my surroundings. I like to lay my eyes on things that may seem ordinary at first glance, and sublime them”. In order to do this, he produces big graphic plans and forces contrasts as to accentuate living and luminous aspects. He tackles throughout his series Somewhere in Europe themes that are essential to him: nature, poetry, graphic design or even architecture. François-Xavier Marciat thus presents a poetic road trip.

© François-Xavier Marciat

Manon Martha

Photography? At first, it was a way to find myself, a way to discover who I was. Today, it has become my way to express my feelings. Practice came when I took my independence “, explains Manon Martha, who works exclusively with film cameras. “This adds uniformity to my pictures. They will never be perfect, but they can immortalize reality — the beautiful aspects as well as the bad ones.” Passionate about poetry, she considers photography an illustrated poem. Her Tumblr is a photographic journal with very few text, composed of travel. The most important aspect for her? “Making the audience think. I want to create an interaction, I want the viewer to feel implicated so that they question themselves. “

© Manon Martha