This week, the Fisheye introduces two photographers who like to travel: Aurélien Aries and Toni García Martorell. Here are our readers picks #233.

Aurélien Aries

Aurélien Aries is an amateur photographer who lives in Paris, an ideal place to carry out his photographic journeys. “I started photography at the age of 12 with a 35mm Minolta. I liked to play with reflections. Then I became more interested in architecture. Over the past few years, I’ve been trying to photograph people in their everyday lives,” he says. His sources of inspiration? “People, especially when they can’t see me. An encounter with Isabel Muñoz and photography books, particularly those by Saul Leiter and Vivian Maier.” In 2018, he travelled across Japan for six weeks. His images taken in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe evoke noise as well as silence. A journey between modernity and tradition.

© Aurélien Aries

Toni García Martorell

“Although I live in a warm and sunny place, I like rainy days, and my favourite season is autumn,” says Toni García Martorell, to introduce himself. On the Tumblr of this 30-year-old Spanish photographer, foggy shots follow one another. “I started taking an interest in photography only eight years ago, during my studies. I quickly became addicted. Since then, I’ve been exploring new techniques and going out of my comfort zone,” he explains. If he captures urban landscapes, he likes above all to “share the lonely places I discover,” he confides. Colour and lighting guide Toni García Martorell’s steps in France, but also abroad: in Spain, Germany or Poland. During his excursions, he always manages to spot fascinating light points.

© Toni García Martorell

Cover picture © Aurélien Aries