Our readers picks of the week are Kenza Vannoni and Jérémy Esteve. Two sensitive photographers who have caught our attention this week.

Kenza Vannoni

At only 22 years-old, Kenza Vannoni writes and directs films. And it is through the image that she builds her stories. Since she was 16, she has been taking pictures and telling stories. “I only shoot in film photography because I love the dirtiness, accidents and surprises associated with it. As I am very shy, the glass protects me, and I can capture fleeting moments. Maybe it’s wrong… I don’t know,” admits the young woman, fascinated by windows and intimacy. Her favorite subjects? “My girl friends in their rooms, my mother in the bathroom, or my boyfriend lounging around, naked. I like to capture what links me to my models. My images are like secrets I tell only my camera.” She presents on her Tumblr sublimated ordinary moments.

© Kenza Vannoni

Jérémy Esteve

“I am determined, sensitive to details, sometimes even a little too much,” 30-year-old Jeremy Esteve says. “I’ve always wanted to take pictures. In college, I was interested in the profession of reporter. My grandfather, a correspondent for a local newspaper, taught me how to develop my own films. In high school, I assisted editorial photographers. I’ve never made a living other than by photographing,” the young man tells us. Like an extension of his Tumblr – organised in a jumble – Jérémy Esteve multiplies his experiences. “For the past ten years, I have been working between studio experiments, editorial commissions for fashion and personal travel and architectural projects,” the photographer explains. He has a deep passion for popular culture, that he adapts to the aesthetic codes associated with the world of fashion. “The human being, at his best and his worst” inspires him just as much. “I like to think that any subject can be sublimated by a glance.” 

© Jérémy Esteve