Discover our readers picks of the week, Grégoire Huret and Francesco Sambati. The former presents an unusual object and the latter, his conception of freedom.

Grégoire Huret

Grégoire Huret, 33, is a former consultant in the construction industry. Since 2012, he has developed a passion for silver and street photography. “Today, I don’t consider myself a photographer, but rather an artist. Every day I go out with a camera around my neck. Each of my travels becomes a potential situation to exploit, a story to tell,”  he says. It was a combination of circumstances that gave birth to How To Find Your Way, an A3 fanzine that unveils the metro map of major cities. This unusual object has a double objective: “to broadcast [its] photographs, and to create a useful object.”  The idea was to design a small guide that is easy to store in the pocket and allows you to find your way around the city, neighbourhood or even the country. “I like this format because it enables anyone to reproduce it themselves, using a photocopier,”  he says. A visual walk you may download freely on his website.

© Grégoire Huret

Francesco Sambati

Francesco Sambati, 37, lives in Lecce, a city in southern Italy. Although he started photography only four years ago, he has now mastered both digital photography and Polaroid. With his camera in hand, Francesco feels a unique serenity. “There’s a strange balance between seriousness and lightness when I shoot. I create something essential and, at the same time, I feel devoid of any responsibility.” Unlike his website, he considers his Tumblr to be a space of freedom. “My approach is very basic,” the Italian photographer says. I’m trying to follow my instincts. It’s a little trivial, but I photograph what I like. Most of the time, I shoot when loneliness takes hold of me.”


© Francesco Sambati