Our readers’ picks of the week are Frank Prigent and Laurent Delhourme. The former loves fashion, and the latter practices street photography.

Frank Prigent 

Frank Prigent, 27, lives in Brest, France. Fascinated by fashion and photography, he started practicing in 2012. “I try not to plan what I am going to capture”, he tells us. Nowadays, chance guides his lens. Partial to authenticity, he tries not to edit his pictures in an unrealistic manner. Mankind is absent from his architectural and street photography, and he presents an abstract, chaotic and brutal world. By looking at his images, we feel as though we have dived into a setting beyond us.

© Frank Prigent

Laurent Delhourme

50-year-old Laurent Delhoume was born in Bordeaux. He has lived in Paris for the last 20 years. “Attracted to fashion photography, I quickly found myself in Paris, working in studios, for fashion photographers. I also practice street photography, which is almost like an addiction, a moment of intense pleasure. No rules, no client, only creativity and emotion”, the photographer tells us. His work is tightly linked to 20th century humanist photography. “I was particularly inspired by three photographers. Henri Cartier-Bresson, for his rigour and how carefully he composes his pictures, the humour and quirkiness of Elliott Erwitt, and Gary Winogrand, for his ability to extract a strong, striking image out of an ordinary situation.” Laurent Delhourme roams the streets of Paris, looking for emotions. “I follow my instinct. I usually leave without knowing what to capture. I observe the life around me, the people, the light, and I collect thrilling situations”, he adds. A series of bizarre, poetic and inspiring moments.

© Laurent Delhourme

Image d’ouverture © Laurent Delhourme