This week, the editorial team chose the work of two French photographers: Vincent Bourchot and Aurélie Lagoutte. Here are our readers’ picks #220.

Vincent Bourchot

“I sing the joy of wandering and the pleasure of dying from it.”  Guillaume Apollinaire’s verses open the Tumblr of Vincent Bourchot, a photographer based in Paris. “I work in communication, and words are the essence of my job. Photography opens up another way of expression for me, more intimate, more direct, purer in a way,”  he explains. The artist does not claim to have a photographic approach: “I don’t take pictures to show what I see, but to understand it. I walk the streets in search of something I don’t know.”  To better feel the world, Vincent Bourchot needs to detach himself from it. “Photography is a form of wandering. I spend a lot of time looking for places that speak to me, waiting for the right light and composing my images,”  the young man adds, never getting tired of immortalising his everyday life, ordinary but poetic.

© Vincent Bourchot

Aurélie Lagoutte

Aurélie Lagoutte likes old cameras. For instance, she uses a Rolleiflex from 1932 and a Leica M6 from 1984. “I started photography in 2011. I was a make-up artist, and it was during a photo shoot that I met Sebran d’Argent, a photographer who only works with film photography. I found his practice fascinating, and I learned how to photograph with him,”  the young woman recalls. She is particularly interested in female nudes. “The body, especially the woman’s body, is the subject that inspires me the most. I work mainly with daylight. It’s always a little difficult for me to explain my work, because my process is very instinctive,” Aurélie Lagoutte tells us.

© Aurélie Lagoutte