Dorothée Nowak traces back her origins to Poland, and Guillaume Flandre explains how to survive in New York. Find our readers picks of the week.

Dorothée Nowak

Dorothée Nowak, 36, has always been interested in her origins, including the stories of her grandparents. “I didn’t know Teresa, my paternal grandmother who died when I was 2 years old. She came from Poland to France before the Second World War. I’ve heard stories, but never anything concrete,”  Dorothée explains. In December 2016, the photographer undertook a trip to Poland and France, following in her family’s footsteps. “The series Tell me her story because war is only the half of it brings together the portraits of my family members, the places visited last December and the archives of my father’s collection. I created a round trip between the past and the present,” she says. Dorothée Nowak signs with Tell me her story because war is only the half of it is a family journey, between memory and history.

© Dorothée Nowak

Guillaume Flandre 

Ten years ago, Guillaume Flandre lived in New York. Since then, he has returned every year. “This city is constantly changing and therefore makes it a fascinating subject. An obvious dynamism can be felt in the streets. We meet people of all shapes, colours and origins who have one thing in common: they try to survive from day to day,” says the photographer, inspired by the Big Apple. With his series Don’t Panyc, he shares his ideas: “the only way to survive in New York is to not panic, accept chaos and become a part of this organic and imperfect machine.”

© Guillaume Flandre

Cover picture © Guillaume Flandre