This week, the Fisheye redaction chose the works of two female photographers. Clémentine Lassey beautify her everyday life using her iPhone, and Nieves Mingueza documents London with a pinhole. These are our 217th readers picks.

Clémentine Lassey

As she grew up in an artistic world, Clémentine Lassey has been practising photography – both analog and digital – for ten years. On her Instagram, the photographer “carefully beautify (her) everyday life by seeking aestheticism in the banal appearance of the ordinary”. She captures reality with her iPhone. Her minimal and colourful compositions are tinted with the warmth and exoticism of the Mediterranean Sea.

© Clémentine Lassey

Nieves Mingueza

Based in London, Nieves Mingueza is an experimental and independent Spanish artist and photographer. “I am fascinated by drawings, poetry, books and ancient cameras. My work is actually about the blurred boundary between fiction and reality”, the photographer explains. Nieves Mingueza created this series when she arrived in London. “I lived in a city where I had no past, nor memories, relations, experiences. All of these did not exist in this blank space, like an empty mirror”, she remembers. Parallelograms reflects her lonely roaming in the city, made with a pinhole camera.

© Nieves Mingueza

Cover picture © Nieves Mingueza