Emma Masciotti presents her vision of London, and Frédéric Agius transforms and tells the story of an altered reality. These are our two readers’ picks of the week.

Emma Masciotti

Italian photographer Emma Masciotti studies at the London College of Communication. “I have always been fascinated by photography, I started using a camera to capture moments and events that were too hard to describe with words”, she remembers. Emma prefers random pictures to staged scenes. The images from the series La signora di Tooting Broadway documents a neighbourhood located in South London, where she used to live. “A unique place, made of contrasts and diversity”. By browsing her images, the reader meets, among other characters, “a woman living in Tooting street, who has turned a bench into a home for years now. Among her friends are passers-by and stores”. Emma signed a unique portrait of a London burdened by a housing crisis.

© Emma Masciotti

Frédéric Agius

Frédéric Agius became a photographer in 2014, when he bought an old Russian film camera (a Zorki 4). For him, photography is “the ability to tell things filtered by anyone’s subjective take”.

Curious, the photographer likes to transform things, as reflected in his series Altered Reality. “I created, with the components around me, an emotional radiography of the moment. This is a way to show how time transforms reality”, he tells us. In his pictures, the image becomes a soft representation of a “definitely altered reality”.

© Frédéric Aigus

Cover picture © Frédéric Aigus