Our readers’ picks of the week are Youness Miloudi and Kyndrei, two men cultivating a passion for the art of photography.

Youness Miloudi

As a documentary and social photographer, Youness Miloudi focuses on images to translate his vision of humanity. His pictures thus become anthropologic images, oriented towards others, towards mankind in his sociocultural element. Through The Iranians, he has depicted a civilisation of which he knows too little. Among his favourite subjects, we find the youth. “It all started when I met a young Iranian couple. An encounter so strong I decided to answer positively to their invitation. A few weeks later, I went to Tehran”, he tells us. “For a long time, Iran has been considered as an isolated country, often ill-represented, because of its religious beliefs, and its geopolitical relations, but what do we know about the Iranian society, and their evolution in the modern world?”

© Youness Miloudi


Kyndrei, 21, is a photographer based in Tuscany, Italy. “I grew up in the wilderness, it was my main source of inspiration. Ever since I started photography, I have developed a strong link with the environment”, the young man tells us. With his camera always near him, he feels as though he looks at white canvas. “I feel so inspired: I have this feeling that I can create whatever I want. And then, sometimes, I lose my inspiration… I try to focus on positive experiences. After all, mistakes help me grow, especially regarding photography”. Staged scenes or conceptual images, Kyndrei’s Tumblr forms a parallel universe he calls the Freecloud Realm. “I create this realm to escape from reality, and I invite in all of those who need to do the same”.

© Kyndrei