Here are two readers’ picks who represent the world in black and white. The Noir de bleu duo transcribes emotions, while Mathilde Mondan captures her feelings day after day.

Noir de bleu

Noir de bleu. Under this name hide two photographers, both obsessed with images, travels and new encounters. “Because there is always someone, somewhere, something, our photographic work lies on observation, apprenticeship and sharing everything that surrounds us”, Angeline and David explain. While the both of them approach the medium differently, they share a common goal: “to not reproduce reality, but to transcribe an emotion”. From documentary to street photography, to portrait, their images are a pretext to meet people.

© Noir de bleu

Mathilde Mondan

Mathilde Mondan, 27, lives and works as a professional photographer in Marseille, France. After studying sociology and psychology, she turned to photography. “In 2014, I broke up with Ismael, my first love. Six months after, he died in an accident. It was a very painful time for me. I decided to photograph myself every day, to capture what his absence did to me”, the photographer explains. Mathilde uses images to distance herself from the traces he left behind. Like a secret notebook, she expressed her emotions day after day. “The first number written on the pictures is the number of days that have passed since he left. The second one is a “pain scale”, from 1 to 10, I imagined to translate the state I’m in when I take the picture”, she tells us.

© Mathilde Mondan