Matthieu Métivet takes us on a trip across the United States, and Rémi Besse presents urban canvas, colourful patchworks of the city. These are our weekly readers’ picks.

Matthieu Métivet

Matthieu Métivet, 26, lived in California for a year. These, he discovered dreamy landscapes he couldn’t help photographing: “This Tumblr is an echo of a daily work on the United States, as seen by a European”. Matthieu has been a professional photographer for 5 years, and started by covering sport events. “Those events helped me become more thorough, and focus on composition and framing”, the young man tells us, thus developing a documentary approach when he started capturing landscapes. Like his idol Josef Hoflehner, Austrian photographer and voted Nature photographer of the year at the International Photography Awards, Matthieu loves empty spaces and experimenting.

© Matthieu Métivet

Rémi Besse

Rémi Besse is a multidisciplinary artist who loves to capture several individual moments he then gathers to form a new image. “I consider myself an image maker. Whether it be painting, photography, cinema, my approach remains the same. I like to create a universe where layers of textures collide, he tells us. He names his productions “urban canvas”. “I see the results as a record of the buzzing, ever evolving city”, Rémi adds. A tribute to both his personal artistic journey and to the plurality of the city.

© Rémi Besse