Clément Osé shares with us the photographs from his trips around the world and Tarina Tommiska uses photography as a way of fighting against anxiety. Here are two photographers who explore their loneliness through photography.

Tarina Tommiska

« As a child, I learnt to fight anxiety and loneliness through photography. Today photography has become my profession but it remains for me a kind of therapy», Tarina Tommiska, who feels inspired by people and colours tells us. Often, this Finnish 25-year-old photographer visualises the pictures before shooting them. «When I take my camera I try to recreate the picture that I have inside my head. I am of the opinion that every single person is worth a picture. I always notice special and interesting details in my models.» She often shoots her best friend, one of her models, who lives in Iceland.

© Tarina Tommiska

Clément Osé

For a year, Clément Osé has travelled from Perreux-sur-Marne to Oulan Bator. « The itinerary was made on the road (train, hitchhiking, bus, boat, walking) and went through Eastern Europe, the baltic States  Russia, Mongolia, North-West China, Central Asia, Iran, Turkey and the Balkans», this 28-year-old photographer says. His writings and his photographs are the results of this trip he undertook by himself : he shares his loneliness, his shelters, his troubles, his luck. «I write to process everything that has happened and share everything that I’ve learnt, felt, every laugh and every poem», he says. A journey that you’ll be able to enjoy during the festival de l’image in Saint-Valery-en-Caux and the Grand Bivouac, in Albertville.

© Clément Osé