Stéphane Goin presents a few images from his road trip across the United States, and Ilan Hassane works on the notion of plastic. These are our weekly readers’ picks.

Ilan Hassane

“To be understood without having to convince anyone” is Ilan Hassane, an 18-year-old student’s goal. “When I take pictures, I like to lie and amplify the truth by using staging, lights and colours. I have never tried capturing anything faithfully”, he explains. By producing this series of self-portraits, Ilan tackles the subjects of environment and ecology with singularity. In his own way, Ilan has tried to express what plastic means to him: “his omnipresence and the irony of his destructive power”. “This material is locking us into our own distress, while enabling us to live a better life”, he adds.

© Ilan Hassane

Stéphane Goin

To Stéphane Goin, 45, photography and travelling go in pair. “Between my jobs in advertising and editing, I try to jump on the first plane I catch and fly to start a road trip across the United States”. His latest project? Capturing all American states. To this day, he has visited them all but one: Hawaii. “I create little by little my own road map, seeking the American dream, or at least what’s left of it”, he tells us. As this project launched in 2007, has progressed, Stéphane has developed a thematic and geographical photography, always linked to the notion of memory. “Photography has always come naturally to me, to leave a mark, to produce a testimony on this country’s greatness”.

© Stéphane Goin