Aliocha Boi focused on the notion of collective memory, while Pei-Shiun Shih shared pictures of her best friend. Here are our weekly readers’ picks.

Aliocha Boi

“My work is the result fortuitous encounters, daily explorations and a true fascination of the human”, the French-Canadian-Italien photographer Aliocha Boi tells us. To realise Memento (Remember, in Italien), he travelled to Bari Sardo, a coastal village from Sardinia. “I talked to several old people who had many stories to tell. I eventually chose to focus on my grand-mother”, Aliocha adds. He chose to add a few texts in between images. “I wanted to immerse the audience in a timeless place, where fantasy would take over”. For this series, he also partnered with a composer named Guillaume Ferran. “I thought it would be interesting to listen to an interpretation of this personal project”, he tells us.

© Aliocha Boi

Pei-Shiun Shih

To Pei-Shiun Shih, words can cause chaos and incomprehension. Photography thus appears like the perfect tool to communicate, easing anxiety. Her images are part of a therapeutic process: “Whenever I feel down or anxious, I go to my Tumblr to remind myself how nice life is when I’m surrounded by the people I photograph”. Her Tumblr can be read as a secret diary, that her friends inhabit. Among them, we meet her best friend, who is an endless source of inspiration. “Friendship and intimacy are tangible in each of the pictures I take of him”, Pei-Shiun Shih explains.

© Pei-Shiun Shih