This week, the redaction team selected two black and white series. Geoffroy Hauwen questions the notion of loneliness, while Martin Bertrand presents a generation in search of an identity. These are our readers picks #204.

Geoffroy Hauwen

Geoffroy Hauwen is a self-taught photographer associating photography with travels. “Admiring the city waking up at the break of dawn, wandering around in a city still asleep… This is how I capture the best lights”, he explains. Through his series Loneliness, Geoffroy questions the notion of solitude. “The beach is the perfect place to revitalise yourself and catch a break, alone, to meditate”, he adds.

© Geoffroy Hauwen

Martin Bertrand

“Si l’on nous voyait (If someone saw us, ed.) is set in Brittany, but it could have taken place anywhere. The story starts at a turning point in our lives: around 20, we start a higher education, leaving our home. Being the only ones in charge and starting to be accountable to ourselves only. We become and build our true selves, et we realise that so many things are possible. We set our paths, for better or for worse.” Martin Bertrand captures a generation in search of an identity.

© Martin Bertrand