This week, the redaction team selected the works of two French photographers: Jason Piekar’s rappers, and Audrey Meffray’s colourful landscapes. These are our readers’ picks #203.

Jason Piekar

Jason Piekar, 23, has been practicing photography since he was 14. “I used to shoot my friends when we went skating, after school”, he remembers. Studying photography helped him assert his passion for the medium. “I work with digital cameras as well as in medium-format film. Two complementary formats enabling me to capture different images of the same scene. I am trying to capture looks and attitudes”, the artist explains. Fashion, travel or portrait, Jason stops at nothing and even captures singers. “I photographed Lord Espêranza and Neliclk, people that I like and respect. I wanted to show two sides of each artist: the person on stage, and the one we meet in everyday life”.

© Jason Piekar

Audrey Meffray

Audrey Meffray, 30, lives in the Paris area and works as a legal practitioner. During her free time, she takes pictures. “I started photography in 2010, by documenting the surroundings of my law school”. Today, she still captures the places around her, in Paris, or elsewhere. “I try to highlight a suspended moment, cut by a mix of lines and colours”, she tells us. The images she presented to us came from a recent travel to the United States, in Floria and Louisiana. “A car is indispensable, there”, the photographer explains, as she chose to captures landscapes from the passenger seat.

© Audrey Meffray

Cover picture © Audrey Meffray