This week, the redaction team presents the work of two French photographers. Yannick Cano captures the Australien East Coast, and Laurent Amoric introduces us to his monochrome street photography.

Yannick Cano

Yannick Cano started photography by taking pictures of his son during his surf sessions. He quickly got caught up, and started developing his own style. “My approach is very simple, I capture what surprises me, what I love”. His series Australien East Coast illustrates a surf trip he undertook with his son, along the coast of the land down under, a story told from the other side of the world, inspired by a unique lifestyle. “I spend my life by the seaside, and I was fascinated by the ‘coastal’ culture in Australia, the relationship they build with nature”, Yannick tells us. “When you’re on a trip, you pay more attention to your surroundings, and you nourish your visual perception”, he adds.

© Yannick Cano

Laurent Amoric

Street photographer Laurent Amoric captures everyday life “to seize snapshots of life”. To him, the medium is a way of escaping a routine. “It enables me to observe the simple, yet moving life of the people around me”. In seven years of practice, the photographer learnt to create his own aesthetic. “I feel like I appreciate more and more contrasted black and white pictures”, he tells us. Fascinated by South Africa, he named his portfolio Umfanekiso, “image”, in Zoulou. An overview of his journeys into the urban world. “To me, technique compliments photography, not the other way around”, Laurent explains. “I am touched by emotions, composition and the message behind the image”.

© Laurent Amoric