This week, the redaction team presents the works of two Paris based photographers. Simon-Long Hervé specialises in portraits, while Caroline Faccioli captures images of daily life. These are our two weekly readers’ picks.

Simon-Long Hervé

Simon-Long Hervé discovered photography in his youth, thanks to his step-mother. Through image, he “praises fragility”. Specialising in portraits, Simon focuses on the details that make each person unique. “I explore our body and emotional languages, as well as human codes”, he tells us. “I try to reveal the story of each of my models, the paradoxes that built us. Each of us owns a great variety of expressions and I like to highlight their subtleties”. As a fashion student, Simon views bodies as “a set of matter and volume” to beautify. An habit helping him transform the model into an emotion sensor. “In a time where worshipping our own image is a desire, a need even, a time where artificiality prevails, I try to unveil authentic emotions, based on memories and roots”, Simon explains.

© Simon-Long Hervé

Caroline Faccioli

“My photography is a ‘daily life photography’” Caroline explains. After studying art history, and graduating at Beaux Arts, she started creating, naturally turning to photography. “I am very much influenced by cinematic photography”, she adds. “I see each picture as the first image of a sequence shot, whose story is to be told by the viewer”. The series State of Mind was built in 10 years, during which Caroline travelled across several American States. “I voluntarily stayed away from highways”, she tells us. “And I discovered places that were cast aside, where time seemed to stand still. I turned my lens towards those territories with no destiny, to try and reveal their daily lives. Great spaces or small details, I liked taking the time to build the pieces of a new reality”. A timeless journey into the forgotten corners of the United States

© Caroline Faccioli