This week, the redaction team presents two French photographers. Robin Voisin tells the story of illness through images, while Aurélien Buttin captures his holidays with friends. These are our two weekly readers’ picks.

Aurélien Buttin

Aurélien Buttin started photography six years ago, during a road trip between friends. “I take pictures of what is around me, my friends, nature, landscapes, moments of daily life or on the road. I try to immortalise what’s surrounding me without overthinking it. Life and my friends, these are my inspirations. If people act confident, detached, then everything seems much more natural and this is what I love : to enter their intimacy”. Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the United States… to Aurélien, road trips between friends and photography go together.

© Aurélien Buttin

Robin Voisin

Suffering from an obsessive-compulsive disorder since his childhood, Robin Voisin has used his illness in his plastic research. “With fragility, I try to rebuild memories, feelings, visions blurred by time”, he explains. Rotten Eggs presents a young teenage boy, eaten away by an invading neurotic disorder. “The egg is used metaphorically, like an emotional carrier to express the sensitiveness of this boy, to resist this psychosis. In its embryo state, the egg symbolises a stagnant state. Then, it cracks and weakens the adolescent, until it gets cooked and sticks to his skin. Once the egg has cracked, we can still glue the pieces back together, but it is impossible to fix it completely, thus leaving a few scars on our bodies…”

© Robin Voisin

Cover picture © Aurélien Buttin