This week, the redaction team presents the work of two street photographers. Mike Clarke works in black and white, while Josh Ethan Johnson plays with colours. Here are our two readers picks.

Mike Clarke

Mike Clarke, a British photographer living between London and Singapore, works on both conceptual and commercial projects. He discovered photography thanks to his cousin. “By watching my cousin Laura using her new camera, my passion for photography immediately turned into an obsession”, Mike remembers. Through his street photos, he explores our interactions with the modern world. “My subjects are abstract and deprived of identity. I like focusing on small universal details”, the photographer tells us.

© Mike Clarke

Josh Ethan Johnson

“Photography is the best way to discover my opinions. During a photoshoot, I try to connect with my subconscious, through my camera. It enables me to learn more about and to get to know myself”, Joshua, a New York based street photographer, explains. He uses photography as an excuse to start conversations with intriguing strangers. In his series Candid, he shares his notion of authenticity. “I try to capture the spontaneous. Sometimes, I speak to people, and sometimes I try to remain invisible (…) I am not interested in the rules set by others”, the photographers adds.

© Joshua Johnson