This week, the redaction team presents the work of two photographers. First, there is Guillermo, and his pictures reflecting love, and then, Adrian Morris, who documented Dzita, a village located East of Ghana. These are our two weekly readers picks.

Guillermo Kult

To Guillermo, claiming to be a photographer is not important, what is essential is to “capture images or videos and share the way we see the world […] Something you learn by living, and something that teaches you how to live” – his own definition of the medium. One unique emotion is associated with every single one of his images. Here, joy and love. “During one summer, for almost a month, Margot lived with me, in Barcelona. It was the first time we spent so much time together. More than a love story, we developed a creative process together. And, in a way, our relation is to us an art piece, including a living experience”, the infatuated artist tells us.


© Guillermo Kult

Adrian Morris

Very often, Barcelone based Australian Adrian Moris photographs while he is travelling. For this series entitled Mamishie, he travelled to East Ghana, in Dzita, to document the salt lagoon and the workers fighting to keep their lands and their jobs. “I found a small community perpetrating the traditions and beliefs of the Ghana, Togo and Benin regions. There, I met people practicing various rituals and dances, tools enabling them to communicate with spirits and gods. At the heart of the village of Dzita, I photographed the fetish sanctuary of “Mamishie” and her followers. Mamishie is a fetish priestess known for her healing abilities”, Adrian tells us.

© Adrian Morris