The Fisheye redaction presents the works of two of our readers. Aurore Baron takes us in the streets of Hong Kong and Cosimo Fanciullacci reveals his own vision of identity.

Aurore Baron 

“The space reserved to expression and creation is endless”, Aurore Barron tells us. The French photographer lived in Asia for 15 years. Obsessed by the making of images, she keeps questioning the world around her. “Reds of Hong Kong was my first try at associating images”, the photographer explains. “I have grown attached to this series because it made me realise photography’s power of redefinition, by associating pictures with one another”, she adds. “The colour red has always felt powerful to me, because of the ambivalence of its significations. Red is passion, but it is also violence. Aggressiveness and tenderness as well. And, of course, red is linked to Asia, a place where I feel at home”.

© Aurore Baron

Cosimo Fanciullacci

Cosimo, 28, is an Italian photographer now based in Paris. He discovered the medium in New York and quickly fell in love with it. “I like streets and subjects. Whenever I take a picture, I focus on creating an image which could look like a photo from 50 years ago”, the photographer tells us.“It is always easier to understand something when looking into someone’s eyes, this explains my framing. I want to keep the mystery, keep a secret when I capture my subjects. To me, describing a person without showing their face is more interesting and stimulating. Thus, the other 80% of the body may express themselves”. Identity is built through the way we carry ourselves, the way we walk.

© Cosimo Fanciullacci