It is the city of Los Angeles that links our two chosen photographer, this week. David Behar lives there, while Agnès Clotis photographs it. These are our two readers picks.

Agnès Clotis

“What is striking, the first time one visits Los Angeles, is the discovery of an unknown urban form. It takes time, and several trips there, to begin to comprehend this megalopolis made of houses and gardens, a gigantic suburb built in less than a century and based on a strange model, far from its classic American and European counterparts. As an “ex-centric” city, Los Angeles is, above all else, an abnormal space, stuck between the ocean and a desert it keeps swallowing. The urban tissue seems to be boundless, a city disarticulated by a network of freeways and ten-kilometre-long avenues, a collection of small towns. Inside this fragmented space, mankind has been erased, and life is vacant. Los Angeles is to be crossed, always, from one point to another, without leaving any trace.”

© Agnès Clotis

David Behar 

Artistic director and independent photographer David Behar lives in Los Angeles. “I like photographing the beach as much as possible”, the photographer tells us. It is in Miami, Florida that he creates his images. “Most of my family lives there, when I visit them, I spend most of my days wandering on the beach, looking for interesting compositions and subjects”, he explains. His summer pictures are a soft mix of nostalgia and loneliness.

© David Behar