Lucas Morin documents the daily lives of teenagers forced to live in a faded city while Costanza Gastaldi offers a poetic journey at the borders of France and Italy. Here are our two weekly readers picks.

Lucas Morin

Lucas Morin, 18, studies photography at Gobelins, in Paris. Coming from a small country town near Lozère, Mende in France, he decided to go back and to photograph the teenagers living there. “This is a generation growing up in the shadows of the town people”. There, “the youth only has one thing in mind : to leave. To leave and to discover a world they know nothing about. When the night falls, everyone goes out, because no ones wants to stay with their family. The city has faded. There is no green space, et too many concrete buildings. You have to walk to wander around in the forest”, Lucas tells us.

© Lucas Morin

Costanza Gastaldi

With her series Lac, Costanza Gastaldi proves that an interaction between territory, geography and photography exists. “When I was young, we would go to the mountains, to ski, and we would have to pass through the security checkpoints at the border of France and Italy. We had to take out our passports, to remain silent, be polite to the Police and wait for their consent to let us pass through. This ritual would impress me every time. And then, later on, I was told that these borders did not exist anymore”, the Italian photographer tells us. “Nowadays, I travel a lot, and I have noticed that, sadly, we are back to the time when there were borders. Are we facing a reassessment of this freedom of movement that used to delight me?” Costanza shares with us her poetic images, her vision of travelling. A contemplative and silent journey

Costanza Gastaldi,
Costanza Gastaldi,

© Costanza Gastaldi