This week, the redaction team selected the works of two of our French readers. Laure Boyer focuses on sailors, while Mickaël André invites us to a poetic introspection. Here are our two readers’ picks.

Laure Boyer

“In the big, industrialised, sprawling, super secure ports, the modern halts are not what they used to be (…) They are getting shorter and shorter. The machines must roll, the merchandise must circulate. But the sailors have not disappeared”, Laure Boyer explains. To celebrate the city/port Le Havre’s anniversary, the photographer chose to document the sailors’ daily lives through her series Transit Time.

© Laure Boyer

Mickaël André

In Mickaël Andrés’s pictures, there are no spatiotemporal marks. “I see them are mere symbols waiting to be clarified. Some feelings we don’t question, and some secrets we can’t explain right away”, the Parisian photographer, now based in Toulouse, explains. Those images are not part of a specific series, but form a long-term introspection, a personal and poetic journey.

© Mickaël André