A journey. Whether at the heart of a struggle against illness, or at the edge of the world, in Cape Town, where light transforms the ordinary into pure beauty. This is what our two readers’ picks, Manon Landeau and Simon Mignol, offer us this week.

Manon Landeau 

“In a twin house, inhabited on one side by my grand mother and on the other by her sister, two news arrived. Almost simultaneously, my grand-father and his step-brother learnt they had cancer. They both reacted to this news by supporting each other. This was a long and painful journey. And then, one passed away and the other remained. My recovering grand-father has lost his partner, his friend, and my great-aunt’s smile, we used to see on the photographs, has faded”. While Manon coud not end this series because of his departure, she still honoured his memory. “I want to present this series to never forget about my Gégé “, she tells us.

© Manon Landeau

Simon Mignol

“Trying to transform a piece of ordinary life into beauty” is Simon Mignol’s mission. “When I choose to frame, it is because I felt something while observing the world. An emotion, hard to define, that I need to translate and put on paper”, he explains. Keen traveller, he went to Cape Town, in South Africa, in April 2018. A beautiful place where “light covers everything with a rose gold dusting”. There, he had an unsettling feeling : “to be at the edge of what earth can carry”.

© Simon Mignol