This week, the redaction team presents the works of two photographers, focused on people. Ben Humphries photographs the visitors of a Portuguese beach, while Aurélia Foucher captures her daily life. These are our two weekly readers’ picks.

Ben Humphries

Ben Humphries put together his series in a beach from Carcavelos, Portugal. With Beached, he proposes a sunny view of the “simplest delights of life”. He sees the beach as a “colourful paradise where sea and earth collide”. Conscious that private moments are hard to enjoy by the seaside, he invites the viewer to reconsider an environment “they know so well”, and to keep only the essential.

© Ben Humphries

Aurélia Foucher

“Ordinary moments, shared with my friends. A daily, intimate life that multiply”. Those phrases sum up what Aurélia Foucher has in store for us. The French photographer is fascinated by snapshots and the present. Whether from memories or imaginary places, her pictures reveal a shared loneliness and a quest for identity.

© Aurelia Foucher