In this week’s readers picks, Fisheye presents the work of two of our readers. Nahia Garat take us back to our childhood in summer camps, and Chiara Zonca brings us at the heart of breathtaking deserts.

Nahia Garat

“Our first feelings date back to our childhood. Loneliness, inability to grasp, exclusion, joy, excitement, discovery… all those emotions we all feel daily took roots into our childhood. Thus, summer camps are a kind of collective memory, a testimony of those great discoveries, like encounters, the notion of others, being in a group”. This beautiful text is paired with Islada, Nahia Garat’s series, a documentary projet on youth and summer camps. Islada is composed of film pictures, captured over five summers, from 2013 to 2017 in Marans, Loudenvielle, Contis, Rivière-sur-Tarn, Rocamadour and Sanguinet – French towns. A series displayed at the Festival Itinéraire des Photographes Voyageurs (Itinerary of photographers/travellers, ed.) located in Bordeaux, and at the Festival Manifesto, in Toulouse, next September.

© Nahia Garat

Chiara Zonca

“Through my work, I seek to document the beauty of isolation, and its effects on us. I am fascinated by the subtile interactions between men and nature”, Chiara Zonca, a London based photographer tells us. She loves photographing larger-than-life, surrealist landscapes that “do not always seem to belong to Earth”.I needed to escape the urban life” is how the artist explains the origins of her Moon Kingdom series. A project created in the Atacama desert, in Chile, and in the Altiplano in Bolivia. To obtain those images, Chiara needs to “immerse herself completely”.

© Chiara Zonca