This week, the Fisheye team selected the works of two of our readers. Antoni Lallican takes us with him to the Sleeper Classes on India, and Maela Ohana shows off her “botanical portraits”. These are our weekly readers picks.

Antoni Lallican

“As I travel alone, I try to immerse myself into the countries I visit, and to get to know the people I meet, to be as objective as I can regarding my personal experience”, Antoni Lallican, auteur of the Sleeper Class series tells us. Here we are, at the heart of the lower classes of Indian trains, observing travellers coming from different traditions and religions, forced to cohabit for several hours. A window to a complex world, where the caste system is far from being abolished.

© Antoni Lallican

Maela Ohana

“I love the way photography brings me closer to the environment surrounding me – it motivates me to go out, to keep an eye on changes in landscapes – happening on an ecological level – and to look closer for details visually fascinating. Owning a camera feels like owning a dog – I feel guilty if I do not take it on a walk at least once a day!”. Plants have always inspired the young Montreal based French photographer. With Night Shade, Maela reveals a collection of “botanical portraits” created in Canada, Mexico and India, evoking the unpredictability of relations between plants and their environment.

© Maela Ohana