This week, Johanna Simon-Deblon reveals her own vision of femininity, and Brendon Burton photographs “ghost towns”. These are our weekly readers picks.

Johanna Simon-Deblon

“The culture of the image pushes us to exploit the different parts of our individuality instead of cultivating a profound and unique identity”, from this statement, Johanna Simon-Deblon, 22, started working on an updated vision of femininity. Through self-fiction, the artist questions our first steps into adulthood, and our identity.

© Johanna Simon-Deblon

Brendon Burton

From 2015 to 2017, Brendon Burton traveled across Western North America. He captured his expedition through the series Western Gothic, a collection of “half-deserted” cities. Why did he photograph ghost towns? To “create tension, and a troubling atmosphere using only pictures”. Where he was brought up also explains his interest for empty spaces and mystery. “I grew up in a rural region of Oregon, and I have always been fascinated by the fanaticism that seems to flow out of these isolated territories”.

© Brendon Burton