This week, you can discover the intimate images of Anastasia Savinova, and the minimal pictures of Paul Bogas. Nature v. New York. These are our weekly readers picks.

Anastasia Savinova

“I love hiking, I an deeply moved and inspired by the wilderness”, Anastasia Savinova, an independent artist, born near the Ural mountains in Russia, tells us. “I try to listen to the landscape, does it talk like a father, a friend, a sister or a lover?” She wonders. In her Landface series, indeed, you must keep your ears open. Here, the masked faces enable the body to listen, to finally understand the link between Nature, Mankind and the universe. An intimate work pushing us to reflect on our impact on the environment.

© Anastasia Savinova

Paul Bogas 

“In New York, at night, beyond the productions that made the neighborhood’s reputation, the neon signs attract everyone too. At that time, the facades seem to move, appearing and disappearing in the dark, reflecting the lights of bulbs, neons and screens”. Paul Sogas’s Lights of Broaday is a minimal creation, stripped of human presence. An unusual guided tour of Broadway, forcing us to become actors of our own existence.

© Paul Bogas