This week, we picked two of our French readers : Vincent Montibus, who captures the unique beauty of the capital, and Nicolas Fatous who shares his travel pictures with us.

Vincent Montibus

Vincent Montibus, 40, works in Paris’s city center, an ideal playground for the street photographer, who likes to practice daily. ‘I try to capture specific moments, situations, gesture that most people don’t notice with my camera. I mostly work in colours, influenced by Anglo-Saxon photography’ he adds. Do not try to hide from him, he will know where to find you.


© Vincent Montibus

Nicolas Fatous

Nicolas Fatous, 23, grew up in a family of photographers. He was only 8 when he received his first camera. ‘I was always using it, trying to document the lives of the persons I saw on the streets’, he remembers. As he grew up to become an engineer, he started receiving projects, from people asking for photo reports or portraits. Today, his work as a photographer has become more important than his ‘day job’. Through his series Fuerteventura, the aridity of silence (l’aridité du silence, ed.), released in 2015, he wonders: why choosing a ready-made path when one can live their passion?

© Nicolas Fatous