This week, two of our readers have caught our attention : Liam Warton and his photographic diary, and Sofia Podestà’s delicate series immersed in mist. These are our weekly readers picks.

Sofia Podestà

I have no interest in people, I like photographing rocks’. This is what is written on Sofia Podestà’s website, a young, self-taught photographer living in Italia. In her series Nowhere, however, we can glimpse at a few figures coming out of the mist. ‘I live in Rome, and there I do not see fog very often’ she explains. ‘When it descends, everything seems canceled, and the sky is mistaken with the ground’. To Sofia, the fog is not a mere meteorological phenomenon, casting an opaque and cold shadow. On the contrary, the mist ‘makes us picture a new way of seeing what surrounds us’.

© Sofia Podestà

Liam Warton 

Liam Warton works and lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Five years ago, he bought his first camera, planning to use it on a trip to Ireland. Ever since, he has never been able to put down his beloved device. The images below are part of his photographic diary he started two years ago. A tale ruled by melancholia, loneliness and nostalgia.


 © Liam Warton