Our readers picks of the day? Brian Van Lau and the duo Nitrate et Bobine. One explores the idea of intimacy and the others build new bridges between images and music. Two approaches to discover…

Nitrate et Bobine

One is an insatiable musician,”multi-instrumentalist built of genius” and the other is a photographer passionate about film. Together, they launched the Nitrate and Bobine project to “build new bridges between music and photography“. There is a unique rule in this collaboration: let yourself be guided by the emotions felt in front of the photos while listening to the music. The result of this writing partnership is presented each month on their website. You won’t be told which one makes the images allowing you to focus on the game of performance.

© Nitrate et Bobine

Brian Van Lau

As a child, Brian Van Lau wanted to be a storyteller. Today, at 21 years old, he has been able to develop on documentary and humanistic photography. His favorite subjects? Family and intimacy. “Leading a satisfying life“, what does that mean? How do we know when we’ve reached fulfillment? In search of answers, for a year he photographed people and places in his city that were dear to him.

© Brian Van Lau