This week, we present the work of two French readers. Two photographers for whom it is impossible to dissociate photography from travelling. Bastien takes us to Japan and Vincent to Morocco.

Bastien Deschamps

Bastien Deschamps, 27, is a self-taught photographer and a wanderer. It is his favorite poet, Esther Granek, that inspires these photos. A year after her death, while finding himself in Tokyo, he decides to pay tribute to him. These images are to be discovered at the same time as the poem Ombres, of which here is an extract:

« Quand mes pensées s’arrêtent

Et figent les instants

Quand en moi se répètent

D’autres lieux d’autres temps

Quand d’un mot d’une phrase

S’estompe le décor

Et quand un ange passe

D’ennui ou de remords…

Je cours après mon ombre

Et nul ne sait […] »

Esther Granek, Ombres, 1981

© Bastien Deschamps
© Bastien Deschamps

© Bastien Deschamps

Vincent Prayal 

At 16, Vincent Prayal inherits an analogue camera and has a revelation: to become a photographer. Today, he is 21 and practices documentary photography. The medium is a good excuse to travel and open up to others. For example, he brings us back from Casablanca these colorful and delicate images.

© Vincent Prayal

Translated by Molly Sisson