Today, our team is featuring two photographers who practice the medium as amateurs. Firstly, Jihane Darkaoui and her black and white photography. Finally, we share the wonders of Anargyros Dropalas.

Jihane Darkaoui

Jihane Darkaoui, a young student in medicine, has chosen Flickr to share her work. Between portraits and street photography, it’s in black and white that she documents the world. The narratives that she tells are pleasant, realistic and even sometimes poignant.

© Jihane Darkaoui

Anargyros Drolapas

Anargyros Drolapas studies physics and computer sciences. Photography? This artist has been pursuing it since visiting an exhibition of Joseph Koudelka. “This exhibition was apocalyptic for me“. After music and writing, photography has become their favourite way of expressing themselves. These images are from late night strolls. In what way should or does a photographer interact with their subject? Broad question. But, you might find some of the answers while browsing through this series Angelus Novus.

© Anargyros Drolapas

Translated by Molly Sisson